Our Story

In 2016, the seeds of Renault Auto Spares were sown. It was a time when a keen eye spotted a glaring need for replacement parts to rejuvenate Renault cars, and a decision was made – to venture into the unknown. Instead of conventional new spares, we boldly embraced the world of used parts, a choice that opened up a treasure trove of nearly every automotive component imaginable.

The heartbeat of our operation is the resilience of our parts, each meticulously selected from accident-stricken cars, ensuring both quality and functionality. What emerged was a collection that tells stories of durability and endurance.

Our vision encompassed every Renault car owner, a vast community that we enthusiastically serve. From the intricate mechanisms under the hood to the expressive bodywork that defines each car’s character, we deliver an encompassing range.

Bound by geography but limitless in ambition, our reach extends across the entirety of South Africa. Our journey knows no barriers, no distance too great. We stand tall as the premier supplier of authentic Renault car spare parts, a title we’ve earned through unwavering dedication. Quality, affordability, and reliability converge seamlessly in the spares we offer, a promise we uphold without compromise. As we traverse the South African landscape, our mission remains unswerving – to offer our customers unmatched convenience.

At the helm is KN Chabalala, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder who, with a spark of innovation, ignited a legacy that continues to thrive.